Microsoft makes it easier for SMB to embrace office 365

Microsoft are aggressively trying to take a bigger market share of the cloud services market because they are trying to turn the company round from being a software vendor to a software as a service vendor.  It is because of this they are making it easier for customers adopt their Office 365 service, with the introduction three new Office 365 subscriptions.

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Setup office365 calendar with Thunderbird

I have previously blogged about how to set up Thunderbird with Microsoft Office 365 and also how to set up Pidgin messenger to work with Lync Office 365.. This post will now complete the series of posts and provide instructions on how to set up Thunderbird to gain access to your Office 365 Calendar.

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LED energy saving bulbs

What are the advantages of LED energy saving light bulbs

You may not have heard of led energy saving light bulbs but you well in no doubt aware that over the past few years the Department of Energy &  Climate change  and the energy savings trust have been urging households to start making use of energy saving light bulbs due to the fact they are good for the environment, cheaper to run and last longer too. LED energy saving light bulbs are a relatively new comer on the energy saving light bulb market and as of yet have generally been overlooked by the government. In this post we’ll provide you with the vital facts as to why LED bulbs  are an optimal solution to improving your home and office lighting energy efficiency

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SD, SDHC, SDXC, microSDHC memory cards explained

Over the past decade or so portable data storage technology has dramatically improved. The are a myriad options available, many suited to specific needs or niche requirements.   Making a purchasing decision on for your data storage needs, may at first hand seem a complicated, especially if you are in the market for memory cards.
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Which type of SD card should I buy?

Using an SD card (Secure Digital)  is a great way to store data and move data between a myriad of different devices.  For Instance, taken photographs on your digital camera, and then inserting the disc into your laptop to edit the files, then taken the disc directly to your specialised printer to be printed. SD cards are also a great way to increase the amount of storage on your mobile phone.

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What is LED Lighting

What is LED Lighting?

Light Emitting Diode (LED) is the latest technology in energy efficient lighting.  A “Light Emitting Diode” are diodes (electronic components that let electricity pass in only one direction) that emit visible light when electricity is applied.  A simpler way of looking at it is LED’s are essentially semiconductors that convert electricity into light.

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Energy conservation Ideas

Top 10 energy saving tips for the home

In the United Kingdom, Winter is the season for hot chocolate,time spent with friends and family and generally trying to stay warm and dry at home. For those of us who love saving energy, the winter season also means that there are many ways to save money by conserving energy. Check out these top 10 energy saving tips for the home to help save on spiraling energy costs in your home.
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